Saturday, April 18, 2009

Electric Car Conversion Kit for under $300!

I use my car a lot for long distance driving, I'm in sales and work on commission only! I've been seeing information about saving money by converting your car that runs on gas to run on electricity. With the economic downturn I've been finding it harder and harder to make ends meet, basically it's taking almost twice as many sales trips to make a sale today than it did a year ago and as I have to pay for my own transport costs (gas costs!!) it was killing me financially! I'd been turning down some sales trips because of the distance, just not worth the risk of a no sale!

So I did a lot of research on converting my car from running on gasoline to running on electricity without massive expense. Multiple sources pointed me to the Electricity 4 Gas website which sells clectric car conversion kit plans to convert a car from running on gas to electricity for under $300. The cost of the plans are ~$50, so considering the cost of converting a car in a garage to doing it yourself there's BIG savings to be had in a DIY clectric car conversion kit.

I'm not great with cars, can do all the basic maintenance, change the oil, new filters etc... (all the basic stuff) but wouldn't want to touch the engine or anything like that! Fortunately I have a younger brother who lives nearby who is mad on cars, so he was more than happy to take a crack at it (his exact words which was a little worrying!).

I bought the conversion kit plans and gave them to my brother, he said they are really straight forward and said I should be able to do this myself, but he didn't mind doing it (any excuse to work on a car!).

My brother bought the kit parts for me (total cost $265 or just over $300 if you include the conversion plans). I had a weekend off so left the car at his place on Friday night not needing it again until Monday morning. I got the car back Saturday afternoon fully ready to run on electricity!

Been using the car for a few months now with no problems, my brother converted his car and three friends as well (apparently he found the kit parts cheaper as well!) and between us we must be saving a small fortune in gasoline bills!

I highly recommend the Electricity 4 Gas conversion Plans, well worth the fifty bucks.